Study That Ballot

Your Vote CountsDonald and Hillary will fly away and continue to do what they have set out to do. While casting my vote today, I took my granddaughter with me. I wanted to show her that I voted, I think it is important to show our children the process so they understand it. Well as I begin to explain, she knew who Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton was, but ask, “What is DEM and REP”? I explained. She ask, “Did you study before you voted for them”? I had to give the “Don’t do as I do, but do as I say answer”. I replied, “I voted Dems.” When I returned home, I went thru the difficult task of explaining to a 10 year old, “It is not just a presidential election. It is the Criminal Courts election, State Representatives, Sheriffs, District Judges, and more”. These people will either lock my children away, or give them chances of redemption and change. These people will make decisions that affect disenfranchised, and poor. Decisions that decide if there is money for schools in need like W.T. White, and South Oak Cliff High School. These people will hire or fire Police officers that will protect and serve our communities, or sometimes take the lives of the innocent black men.
My granddaughter says, “Every vote makes difference”, but always study before you hit the ballot box. Then she laughed out loud

The Christian Interest

When my father left, leaving my mother, on her own with no job, and two children to take care of, my mother took me to church and requested baptism immediately I actually remember thinking the pastor was trying to drown me. When I ask my mother why, she  told me if I wanted to be saved from Satan and the evil of the world, Baptism was a start. She was serious about baptism and respect. I was taught to remember I was saved, and never disrespect the name “Jesus”.   After traveling around the world a few times with a bunch of  Marines, thinking we ruled the world, I forgot the dreaded day the pastor saved me with 4 feet of water and a bible. Needless to say, Mama’s teachings stuck with me, when the water was too high, and my M-16 didn’t do the trick, I always remembered I was saved from the evil of the world no matter how bad. Disrespect of the name of Jesus, I will never do.

Because I’ve been around for a little while, I seen a lot of people disrespect other people,  After watching the MTV Video Music Award 2013, Most of it was no surprise. I mean, if you’ve ever seen Lady Gaga, you kinda know what to expect, and now it seem Miley Cyrus has joined her attempting to shock the audience.  Apparently it worked. Note to Miley Cyrus: Please Stop; Plus Other MTV VMAs Ruminations .

When Kanye was introduced, I heard a lot of Hallelujah’s, and praise the lord. I’m not sure my mother didn’t roll over in her grave. I it was possible, she would have been knocking on my door asking me to come to her house to pray for the evil in this world, or at least in Brooklyn at the newly opened Barclays Center, Now the funny thing is that, she would not have been alone. She would have had at least 6 no less, praying banging bible packing sisters with her. My mother, was definitely big on Blasphemy.

To take the name of Jesus and do anything beside give it praise is wrong, totally. Where is the teaching my mother taught me. I don’t hear any Christians saying anything about Kanye’s new CD and it’s name.  I know it’s entertainment, but I thought Christians wouldn’t tolerate anyone using the name of Jesus sacrilegiously. Is it okay now? Really my mother would have told not to be watching such garbage, but she didn’t have Facebook either. If she was here today, she would have an interest in disrespect her religion in any way. Have Christians lost interest and content with the Loins of Salvation?

Breastfeeding, In Public?

Rihanna Bares Her Breasts In Sheer T-Shirt

It’s nothing wrong with breastfeeding, we know the benefits for your newborn and according to, you can save money. We also know that there may be some repercussion for feeding in public. There are those who aren’t ready for progressive breastfeeding in public. I use the tram “progressive” because this is new, or at least new to me. Not that breastfeeding is new, but maybe the exposure of breastfeeding.

In 2010, breastfeeding in the U.S. was low as reported by Florida Department of Health, compared to the rest of the world.  This is another change in our culture and benefit to our children.

What amazes me is how people who live in our social media world, and watch all kind of naked skin baring women. Yet have a problem with women who breastfeed openly.  We see this nightly, on the networks, cable and twitter following, Like Rihanna, who missed this? No complaints right? But we have a problem with a women whipping out her boob and filling her child with nutrition and natural life. Okay, maybe she doesn’t have to whip out the boob and  she could cover it up a little bit.  Everyone doesn’t have to participate in the life bearing moment. Some people are still squeamish when it comes to nature, not sure why, but respect is key to acceptance of anything.


We may as well get used to it, a mother will feed her child no matter what.   What are you thinking?

All men who “Sag” aren’t the same

Don_Lemon1With the Trayvon Martin trial ending, there’s a lot of discussion about racism and flaws of African Americans community.  In recent weeks, CNN’s Don Lemon has opened some dialogue regarding the N-word, and how to fix the African American Community. Though I respect Don’s opinion, he’s definitely off the mark with his view. It’s apparent he did not come from the same community as me.

With our community filled with schools poorly administered, often overwhelming poverty, and jails filled with African American men: I find it offensive that he can  fix the African American Community in 5 steps. I agree, our young men should pull their pants up, but I don’t believe a man should be categorized for not doing so.  All men who “Sag” are not the same. Some men are following the trends of our culture, fashion, or even searching to find their identity. I’m sure Don Lemon relates to finding identity, as he announced he was openly gay in 2011. We should teach acceptance of difference rather than prejudice. After all, isn’t that part of what racist do, stereotype and generalize.

I am glad that Don Lemon has generated conversation and dialogue which is long overdue. However, he should be careful not to create division as it is important we continue to work toward correct the effect of hundreds year of racism and degradation.  I think Don has gone for enough.


Emotional Chaos

trayvon-bullet-protester-apAfter the Trayvon Martin verdict, and now the rallies calling for Civil Rights Violation investigation, I hope something positive will come of Trayvon’s death. It has now stated dialogue regarding racism and African American value. It’s clear to me that long term effects of racism, economic strains and incarceration, has taken a toll on many African American children and youth.

I cannot imagine the “Emotional Chaos” our children live with daily. I’m sure many may be confused and depressed. Some may have lost their identity and value of themselves, filling their lives with frivolous battles of anger and desperation.  Carrying the burdens of confusion and disorder.

There is no quick fix or solutions to racism and hate; it’s been here since the beginning of time.  However, we can and should make a difference individually.  There is always a choice in whether we are part of the solution, or carry on with our lives let others look for answers.   One small act can change a child’s life, calming the Emotional Chaos.  Do Something.